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       K Turbo pursues innovation

         “Morality First”   “Perfection & Thrust”

KTurbo can simply be described as the company which is located at the nearest position to the final standard of the energy machine

Energy machine is defined as the device which converts the energy between fluid/ electricity/ machine, and the motor / blower/ compressor/ pump/ refrigerator/ air conditioner/ vacuum cleaner/ generator/ engine/ aerial propulsion engine/ steam turbine and so forth are included in that category of energy machine.

Unlike simple machine, the energy machine has very high degree of technical difficultly and economic value, and it has extremely large influence to the environment. In order to have commercializion of the energy machine with final stardard, innovation of no-lubrication & non-contract bearing with the capability of high velocity rotation/ high efficiency & high velocity motor and inverter technology is required, and as the leader of the innovation, this company supplies compressor with final standard for the first time in the world.

It can boldly be declared that the scope of change which is to be led by Kturbo in the future will be the level of the second industrial revolution.

The energy machine with final standard was born and grown in Republic of Korea, and KTurbo is determined to be the global super-first class enterprise which is beyond the limit

CEO Lee, Heon Seok