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01 Sale of Blower Franchise(Aerzen GmbH)

02 Retirement of paid in capital (36 million won -> 23 million won)
Construction of new factory approved and started (Choungbuk Cheong-gun, GaDeok-myeon)

05 License acquired for manfactuering chiller compressor

12 Headqurters moved to the new factory(64-2, HaengJong-ri, GaDeok-myon, Cheongwon-gun, Cuhngbok)

"Tower of 10 million USD Exports" awarded on th 48th Trad Day
Excellent Small Business Award from Chungcheongbuk-do


04 Building completion ceremony of the new factory



01 SungShin Cement INC. participates as a stakeholder

04 EP selected as "Excellent Product" (from Public Procurement Sevice)

05 Completion of the second Cheongwon Factory and transfer of headquarters


11 2005 Prime Minister Award in exellent capital goods development man of merit award, capital good development company(Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)


12 New Technology Commercialization Award and the President Award(Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)




10 ISO 14001:2004 Certification
Development of Proto Type Turbo Compressor



08 Turbo Blower certified as an high-efficient material (Korea Energy Management Corporation)

10 CE certification(Turbo Blower)

12 CE certification (Turbo Compressor)



06 NRTL Certification (Turbo Blower)

Korean Environmental Management Award in small business sector from th Prime Minister(Minister of knowledge and Economy, Minister of Environment)




12 KTurbo USA INC. founded



12 "Tower of 5 million USD Exports" awarded on the 47th Trade Day



Major shareholder changed (SungShin Cement -> Heon Seok Lee)



12 Powertech founded


12 Becomes a corporation(Kturbo INC. 500million won as paid in capital)


10 Development of Precision Impeller casting technology



01 Development Bump Type Air Bearing (20HP, 30HP, 50HP)

02 Development of 20HP Turbo Blower

07 Awarded the Presidential Award in the "New Tech Korea 2001"



08 Completion of Cheongwon Factory




07 Authorized as an INNP-BIZ company



01 Commercialization of Turbo Blowers Series



03 ISO 9001 : 2000 certified

11 "Excellent Machinery" Certification (Ministry of Commerce, Industry Energy)

Engineer of the Month(Minister of Science and Technology award)