For the sake of perfect matching,
core parts ar desiged / prodcued at one place

Blower, compressor, and chiller which are the final stadard of industrial energy machinery are manufactured with the 5 core technologied of Kturbo



Blower is the first product in which technical capability of Kturbo is concentrated. The blower of Kturbo is applied for various industried such as pressurized transport of raw material, sewage waste water treatment, metallic treatment mine, and up to the aviation. The pro-environmental turbo blower which does not require lubricant provides low maintenace cost, high effieiency and semi-permanent life



New standard is presented to oil-free market through the technical capability which has been verified from th extension line of blower



This is the future type turbo refrigerator fro which pro-environmental refrigerant without the characteristic of ozone layer destruction is applied. It is applied to the industrial fields such the cooling heating facility of factory including general buildings, groceries, power plant, etc. As lubricant is not used, there isn't any dropping of efficiency with the elapse of time because heat exchanger is not contaminated, and the maintenance also is not required