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Gearless, 100% Oil Free and Pure Air Turbo Compressor



The compressor as the first industrial machine for which the oil is not required!
Clean air without defect, low maintenance cost and energy saving.
This is the beginning of profit creation




Enhanced efficiency

The electric power cost of customer will drastically be reduced with approx. 20% enhancement of efficiency compared to existing equipment and minimized no-load loss (less than 1%)


The size and burden of the price are reduced

High performance is maintained with the system simplification for which casted impeller and air bearing are applied, and this can be a reasonable selection to the customers of oil free compressor as well as oil injection compressor


Pure Air, 100% Oil Free

For the oil-less compressor, not oil free compressor, the important thing is how much clean is the air. As oil is not required, the purest compressed air can be used


Advanced quality and technological level by inheriting 10 years research & development from Turbo Blower

The compressor of K Turbo which possesses the verified technical capability will be a great help to the enterprises of food, bio-industry, and electronics for which the Oil Free shall definitely be required